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I’m excited to be posting a link to my guest blog at The Quotable literary journal. My story, Dementia, will be published in The Quotable’s Issue 11, with the theme Memory. In the meantime, they asked me to submit a blog, as they do all of their upcoming authors. I wanted to do it–desperately!–but I had no idea what to write about, until I picked up the Sunday newspaper. It was a very cool reminder where inspiration comes from.

While you’re on The Quotable website, look around. It is a well-regarded journal published on-line and in print, featuring short stories, essays, poetry and artwork based on a specific theme and quote. Submissions for Issue 13, Luck, open December 1.

“The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”
– Wilson Mizner

Follow this link to my guest blog : http://thequotablelit.com/blog/characters-and-convertibles-2

Author: Jean Bardo

I'm a freelance Human Resources consultant and blogger, a published short story writer, and an aspiring author of fiction I call "literary mysteries."

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