A path lit by words

About Jean Herreman

Back when I was a girl choosing a college major, a maiden aunt who was dean of a Pennsylvania state college told me English majors were a dime a dozen. I took it to heart, and chose Psychology instead, although later I double-majored in English because my Freshman composition professor wrote on my first paper, ‘I see signs of the writer.’

It took me twenty-five years and a career in consulting to get up the nerve to admit I wanted to write fiction. Now I can see that my degrees–in business, English, and psychology–and my career as a human resources consultant focusing on people and motivation have helped me get to this juncture. As a consultant and business writer, I’ve published more than thirty articles,  white papers, and monographs for two management consulting firms. I still freelance in talent management, change management, and employee engagement, as well as writing.

As a fiction writer,  I focus on short stories, mystery novels, and women’s fiction. My short story,  “Not What Women Do,” won first place in the 2003 Carrie McCray Literary Contest  and was published in Catfish Stew. “Dementia,” was selected by The Quotable for their online publication and later nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Currently, I am seeking publication of my novel Shifting Sands, mostly mystery with magical elements  and a touch of romance I live in Hilton Head, South Carolina,  where Shifting Sands takes place, and where I am working on my next book, Finding Francesco.

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