A path lit by words

Published Work


“Not What Women Do” won first place in the 2003 Carrie McCray Literary Contest and appeared in Catfish Stew, an anthology published by the South Carolina Writers Workshop. http://www.amazon.com/Catfish-Stew-Volume-2-Anthology/dp/B000EO6IXU

Not What Women Do

“Dementia” was selected by The Quotable for their Fall 2013 issue. Its theme is Memory. Here is the link: http://issue11.thequotablelit.com/


“Choice Ideas: Using Behavioral Economics to Help Employees Make Better Decisions” (published in Global View magazine, Fall 2010)

“Thriving in the New World of Talent: a Business-Centered Framework for Managing in Good Times and Bad” (published in People & Strategy Magazine, Fall 2009)

“Gaining An Edge: Talent Management Study Results” (published in HR Executive Magazine, 2007) http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/view/story.jhtml?id=10877651


Talent Management Maturity Model Brings Clarity and Structure to Talent Challenges”

“Excellence in Talent Management a Significant Factor in Improving Financial Results”

“Using a Talent Assessment Tool to Transform the Controller’s Function at Georgia Pacific”

“Looming Retirement Crisis Reveals Breakdown in Strategic Workforce Planning”

“Employee Engagement Drives Motivation, Performance, and Profits in World-Class Companies”

“HR Organizations Partner with Line Management to Drive Successful Organizational Change”

“HR at a Crossroads: the Painful Truth About HR Transformation”

“Becoming an HR Business Partner: Goal or Outcome?”

“HR Organizations Earn a Seat at the Table by Running HR Like a Business”

“Manufacturer Uses Six Sigma, Benefits Planning to Cut $200 Million in Benefits Costs”

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